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Hi everyone!

I am Karoline - a fondue cheese addict with an odd fascination for ancient Egypt, and a packed suitcase ready to be taken to Geneva. I was lucky enough to secure a cool internship from January-May and would love to make my experience in Switzerland extra special by finding a place I may call home. Or at least a place I can refer to as the home of some friends (possibly YOU, my dear reader). Truth be told, I am not just looking for a place to be, but also some nice people who I can share it with along the way. People who I can try to impress with my very unimpressive cooking skills (butter being my secret ingredient to everything), and with whom I can explore some unexplored corners of the city.

If you think we could be a good flatmate match, please reach out :)

I am looking forward to reading your messages!

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Publiée le 2 décembre 2019